Shared or VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting versus VPS Hosting: Which is the Right Platform?

Before you set out to launch your website, it is vital to decide upon the right hosting platform or plan for your online business. In addition to this, you would also need to come up with the best domain name and register the same for ensuring the seamless flow of your business. Finding the right hosting platform for your online presence can turn out to be an intimidating task. It requires ample time and you might have to consider several factors before finalizing the perfect hosting platform for the business operations.

In this article, we will help you choose the best hosting platform by laying out the points of difference between shared and VPS hosting platforms.

Shared Hosting versus VPS Hosting

You can come across a wide range of lucrative hosting plans out there in the market including VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and so more. When you are looking forward to starting your own business online, there is always a dilemma to choose between VPS and Shared hosting services. To understand which hosting service is perfect for your business, here are some major points of difference that you must know about shared and VPS hosting:

  • When it comes to shared hosting, you will be sharing the hosting server space with various other users. As such, you are also required to share the available resources with the neighboring sites. While it might turn out to be a cost-effective solution through shared hosting, you will get access to only limited resources. On the other hand, with affordable VPS hosting (from providers such as Zen Hosting), a single server gets divided into several virtual servers. Each virtual server acts like a private server that is able to run its own OS. Here, while the resources might be shared, each virtual unit would function independently.
  • In case of shared hosting, as several websites will be sharing the same resources and servers, the users are expected to share the same database and storage space as well. Though it might cost less, the users will still have to be satisfied with the given availability. When it comes to VPS hosting, there are several sites that might be sharing a single server. Every site will be receiving its own set of dedicated resources. As such, the users are able to enjoy better customizability and enhanced performance for the site.
  • In case of shared hosting plans, the users are expected to share the resources. Therefore, they are forced to enjoy only limited bandwidth and storage space. As the available resources start becoming scarce or limited, the overall site speed and performance becomes slow. As such, when you are looking forward to obtaining more traffic for your site, you can consider making use of VPS hosting plans. Here, you will receive dedicated storage space and better bandwidth for enhanced performance of your site.

Consider the differences above and choose the best hosting provider for your business.

Web Hosting – The Importance Of Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, a lot of people don’t see why they should use a professional hosting company. However, there are numerous reasons why choosing to work with a hosting company instead of trying to host for yourself is a good idea. We’re going to take a look at some of those reasons, and find out exactly why hosting with a company is a good idea.

Web Hosting Convenience

One of the main reasons why hosting with another company is a good idea is because it’s convenient. If you intend to host something yourself, then you’re going to have to configure your computer to make sure it is suitable for hosting. You’ll need sufficient RAM and space, as well as specific programs depending on the situation you’re in. The joy of hosting with a professional company is that you don’t have to do any of that. They have servers and systems which are custom designed to provide hosting solutions for people, meaning you don’t have to alter your systems at all.

Web Hosting Reliability

Another of the primary reasons why you should use a professional hosting company like is because it is a highly reliable way to host your server. As an ordinary person, your server will be tied to your computer and system. This means that there are several issues which could go wrong with it which will cause your server to go down. Things like a sudden loss of power, or a drop in your internet connection will cause the server to go down and whoever is using it to become angry and less inclined to use the site in the future. As well as this, your home computer has a dynamic IP address, which makes contacting you slightly more difficult.

In contrast to these issues, a professional hosting company is far more suited to be hosting your server. Not only will they have backup power sources to ensure that they can keep working, but they’ll also have a much stronger source of wifi and something which has been bought precisely because it can stay up on a constant basis. As well as this, the servers of a professional company have a static IP address, which means it will remain fixed and thus make it easier for people to contact you.

Overall, these are just a few of the reasons why a professional hosting company is an excellent choice for anyone who has a server and wants to keep it running on a constant basis. The servers offered by a hosting provider are designed for their purpose, which is in contrast to a standard computer owned by anyone. Obviously, you want a constant up time for the server, and this is going to be challenging when you try and do it by yourself. The professional hosting of a server is a much better choice because it ensures that your server is up for as long as possible, and protects you from losing customers due to crash or a loss of internet.